Quickmailcheck is no longer functional. Quickmailcheck is a service that allows your phone to access email without Internet. The service works 100 percent through text and picture messages.

From: quickm@ilcheck.com

Inbox (1-10)
(1) From: John Cline
Subj: Meeting
(2) From: David Carp
Subj: Sierra Leone Pictures
(3) From: Diana Feldman
Subj: Dinner next week?
(4) From: Twitter
Subj: Adam Schefter and Adam Jones have Tweets for you
(5) From: onlineorder@chipotle.com
Subj: Thanks for your Chipotle Online Order
(6) From: Deborah Vidmar
Subj: Career Engineer
(7) From: Matthew Smith
Subj: Meeting with Madieu
(7) From: Deborah Vidmar
Subj: Career Engineer
(8) From: Ben Schwartz
Subj: Fantasy Draft tomorrow
(9) From: Josh Land
Subj: The Summer Before post-production
(10) From: Ryan Etkins via LinkedIn
Subj: Join my network on LinkedIn

-To see a message, text back with the number next to it.
-To see older emails, text back MORE
Step 1: text the word 'email' to quickm@ilcheck.com
Here's what makes Quickmailcheck great- 1. Easy to use: learn how to use Quickmailcheck in seconds, its incredibly easy to use. 2. Works great: Has the features you want: read and send your emails with Quickmailcheck. 3. No internet fees: Quickmailcheck doesn't use internet. It works 100% through text and picture messages. 4. No download required: Since every phone already has a text messaging application, there is nothing to install for Quickmailcheck.
Features: See your recent email, read any email message, send an email, reply to an email.
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