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Troubleshooting Quickmailcheck

After signing up, I recieved a "thanks for signing up" text, but didn't get any more responses once I tried to use quickmailcheck.

This is common when users click "Send me text and picture messages" when signing up, when their phone can't receive picture messages. To change this setting, please contact us.

I use Gmail, and received an email titled "Suspicious sign in prevented" after I tried to use Quickmailcheck for the first time.

No need to worry. This sometimes happens with Gmail users. If this happened, go to this link and (after signing in) click continue. After this, just text "email" to in the next 10 minutes and it should work fine.

I got a text message that Quickmailcheck didn't work because of an incorrect username/password combination.

Is it possible that you typed in the wrong email password when signing up? If so, you can edit your email password on your account page.

Free Trial:

Free 30 day trial? Aren't you going to make me enter my credit card information and then charge me if I forget to cancel before the trial ends?

Nope! Entering your payment information is completely optional and can be done any time during your free trial.

If I choose to pay before my free trial ends, when will I be charged?

If you pay before your trial is over, you won't be charged until the end of your free trial.


How secure is Quickmailcheck?

Security was our top priority when developing Quickmailcheck. The entire website runs using an SSL certificate, which means that everything you do on is encrypted, and not visable to anyone else. We also use secure connections and authentication to connect to your email account whenever you use Quickmailcheck.

In addition, we use strong encryption to store your sensitive data (email password and site passcode) in our database, so that even in the unlikely scenario that our database was hacked, the hacker still could not obtain this secure information. Check out the rest of the help section to learn about more security features, including our use of two-factor authentication and your passcode.

Why do I need to provide my email address and password?

For Quickmailcheck to work, it needs to interact with your email account, and providing us with your login information is the only way to do this. Your email account information, in addition to all of your account info, is kept strictly confidential. Check out our privacy policy.

Replying to and sending emails:

Will each email that I send with Quickmailcheck be put in the Sent folder in my email account?

This depends on your email provider, but if you receive a confirmation text like the one below, then your message was successfully sent.

Confirmation Text

I am sending an email through Quickmailcheck, but my cell phone is limiting me to 160 characters. Is there a way to send a longer message?

Yes, there is a way to send more than 160 characters! To include up to 1000 characters in your message, instead of sending us a text message, send a picture message (Even though you are sending a picture message, there is no need to include a picture. Choosing the 'send picture message' option on your phone simply signals the phone to allow up to 1000 characters).

I tried to send or reply to an email and it didn't work!

Make sure that you followed the format below, and remember to include commas where necessary.


Why do I need my passcode to send emails?

Spammers commonly send emails from fake addresses, so your passcode prevents a spammer from pretending to send us a text message from your phone number.


Can I use Quickmailcheck if I have a smartphone?

Yeah, sure! The service is generally more useful for feature phones, but if you have a smartphone and want to check your email without internet, go for it.

Do you have a privacy policy?

Yes, we have an easy-to-understand privacy policy that you can read here.

What is two-factor authentication?

In order to edit your account details with Quickmailcheck you need to enter your passcode and enter a confirmation code that is sent to your email address. By requiring these two factors in order to make account changes, Quickmailcheck protects the security of your account.

How can I send a text message to Isn't that an email address?

Yes, that is an email address, but you're in luck! Almost all cell carriers allow you to send text messages to email addresses as well as cell phone numbers.

I don't know how to use Quickmailcheck.

One of the main goals was to make Quickmailcheck simple and easy to use. Check out our tutorial and you'll be using Quickmailcheck in no time!

If I get an email with an attachment, can I see the attachment on my phone?

Currently, you can see the names of each attachment on your phone. However, it is not possible to view the contents of these attachments with Quickmailcheck.

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